Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build the project?

Yes. I build each project. The stock arrives as a pile of sheet stock or lumber and leaves as a finished product.

Does J&L do the design work?

I often design the cabinets. I work with each client to  fulfill your product needs. I have also worked with architects &  home designers who have developed a plan. Either way is fine with me!

What kind of materials do you use to build?

I can build most projects out of almost any kind stock. In some cases, I  may recommend alternate materials for durability. For example, a  dresser can be made of pine and hold up just fine. But a kitchen chair  made of pine would not be a good choice because the material is not  strong enough.

Can you remodel my cabinets?

I don't do cabinet refacing; however, I often modify existing cabinets to fit a new stove, refrigerator or television.

Do you apply your own finish?

Yes. J&L has spray booth with Hvlp or high pressure GRACO spray  applicators. I also use Sherwin Williams products. 

Does J&L do staircases?

Yes. In the event that you have  an existing staircase, I perform a site evaluation to make sure that we  can be in code.

Do you deliver?

Yes. I normally deliver my products for an additional fee. If a customer has their own installer & that person prefers  to pick up a set of cabinets, I will work with you to coordinate pick-up.